At Thinc Dental our work is the result of the delicate synergy between art, science and technology.

Our practice in dentistry is focused on ceramic smile makeovers and cosmetic reconstructions, the dental facelift and makeovers, laser dentistry, advanced endodontics immediate and restorative implants as well as general and paediatric dentistry. Combined with heightened skill and integrity, Thinc Clinc is today positioned as one of the country’s most sought-after clinics in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

We offer a world class facility utilising state-of-the-art CAD/CAM and 3D imaging, modelling, printing and manufacturing technology, alongside the most advanced Laser treatments available in the world.

With our technology and guided approach, combined with our expertise and laboratory partners, patients are able to test drive their new smile before the treatment even starts.

Our clinicians are trained in the latest global advances in treatment, including pain free laser dentistry, with our dentists collectively holding numerous international certifications in cosmetic dentistry and first world best practice. All treatments at Thinc Clinic start with a full digital facial analysis of photos, videos, digital X-rays and 3D intra-oral scans to enable us to see not only your smile and teeth, but also all the detail of your facial bone and soft tissue structures to offer you the best aesthetic and functional balance in treatment planning and delivery.

Dr Sam Thandar

Clinical Director and Founder of Thinc Clinic

  • BDS (Wits) Ddont (Endo)
  • PDD Aesthetic Dentistry (Cum Laude)
  • D. Endodontics (Cum Laude)
  • Vice President – Digital Dentistry Society (DDS)

Dr. Thandar has a relentless passion for delivering excellence in dental science, dental health and dento-facial aesthetics which change the lives of his patients. His work is a delicate synergy between art, science and technology.

His practice in dentistry is focussed on ceramic smile makeovers and cosmetic reconstructions, the dental facelift, laser dentistry, advanced endodontics as well as immediate and restorative implants. Combined with heightened skill and integrity, Dr Thandar is today positioned as one of the country’s most sought-after luminaries in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Dr Thandar is Vice President of the Digital Dentistry Society South Africa with associate membership with SADA (South African Dental Association) and HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa)

Dr Maryam Dawjee

Thinc Dental – Associate Dentist

“I love that each case is creatively and intellectually stimulating.”

B.D.S (UL) Pg Dip Dent Aesthetic Dentistry (UP) (Cum Laude), MSc Dent Ortho (UP)(Cum Laude), FLL (Genoa Italy)

Areas of expertise:

General dentistry, paediatric dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, ceramic smile makeovers, ceramic crowns and veneers, emergency dentistry, and orthodontics.

Dr Dawjee has a passion for the details, from her approach to holistic treatment planning to carry out aesthetic treatments. She has a Diploma in Aesthetic dentistry and a Masters degree in Orthodontics. She prides herself on building positive relationships with her patients, especially when nurturing young children.

Dr Alex Rawháni

Thinc Dental Associate Dentist

B.D.S (Wits), MSC Dental Pros (Wits)

Chances are you’ve come across Dr Alexander Rawháni before on radio, TV or on social media – he is not only a rapper, fashion designer and custom jeweller, he is South Africa’s very own celebrity dentist, Dr Smile®. Dr Rawháni graduated top of his class in restorative, prosthodontic and public health dentistry at Wits University, and has been a lecturer in the department of Dentistry since 2013. He is a member of the Digital Dentistry Society SA and the Golden Key International Honours Society. Dr Rawháni is highly focused on serving humanity and is extremely passionate about giving back to South Africa. His Tiny Seeds Charity focuses on community development in multiple underpriveleged areas around Johannesburg, he has numerous community dentistry projects and school educational projects that he runs, and has been improving access to good dental treatment of underprivileged communities for several years with his #SMILESONKE and #PROJECTSMILESA initiatives. Areas of expertise: Smile Makeovers, Cosmetic Dentistry (Veneers and Crowns), Paediatric Dentistry and Root Canal Therapy.

Dr Rawháni is also passionate about giving back to South Africa, and has been improving access to dental treatment by underprivileged communities for several years.

Bruno Magalhaes

B.D.S (Wits)

“My passion for dentistry lies in knowing that I can improve the quality of a patient’s life by simply ensuring they have a healthy and beautiful smile”

Areas of Expertise: General dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, smile makeovers and redesign, root canal therapy, ceramic crowns and veneers.

Dr Magalhaes prides himself on his strong foundation of general and surgical dentistry, with more than 13 successful years of experience to his name. He has a keen interest in endodontics, aesthetic smile designs, and is passionate in crown and veneer work as well as root canal therapy.

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