Virtual Consulting 

Step 1

Please watch our introduction video.


Take your two selfies.
Selfie 1: face straight on, without a head tilt, full smile.
Selfie 2: Close up of your full smile.
Upload pictures to the form below.
No edits, no filters, no beauty app.


Take your 30 second video using your selfie (front facing camera) only, do not use your back facing camera.

In the video, we would like to see your face, teeth and smile in motion.

1: What do you like about your smile?

2: What don’t you like about your smile?

3: Please repeat the following rhyme: Fifty five, sixty six, Thinc Clinic give my smile a fix.

Upload your video to the form below.

Step 4

Fill out the form below.

Please Note:

When you press the submit button, you’ll need to wait upto 5 minutes for the form to submit due to the video file size. It may look like the form is not working, you just need to give it time to upload.

Please kindly note that we are experiencing high enquiry volumes on our Thinc Digital platform. We will revert within 5 to 7 working days of your submission. Your smile is important to us and we require this time in order to provide you with the best possible service that we, at The Thinc Clinic, have to offer you.

Thank you for your patience.

When you Thinc Virtual, you think future.

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