At Thinc Vision, we regard your sight as one of the most important aspects of your overall health and wellness as well as a contributing factor to your quality of life.

As with our partner services,

we aim to treat each patient in a holistic manner

Using the latest in technology to assess your vision and optical health coupled with a keen interest in fashion and style –  offering our  patients the very latest in eyewear products and brands available – we strive to ensure that you are not only confident in the our commitment to the health and protection of your sight but that you look and feel your best as a Thinc Vision patient.

Spear Headed by Tasneem Thandar

Thinc Vision – Optometrist


Tasneem completed her Optometry degree at Wits Tech. She has over 10 years of Private Practice experience. She specializes in providing her patients with state-of-the art lenses as well as incorporating Natural Golden proportions and facial Aesthetics to provide the optimal Aesthetic end result when fulfilling patients optical requirements.

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