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Our professionals are trained in the latest global advances
in treatment, including pain free laser dentistry.


From being greeted with a freshly brewed espresso to settling into a bright,
relaxed consulting room, you’ll feel like you’re at a boutique hotel rather than a clinic.


A comprehensive individual consultation means we find the
best treatment options for you.


We are located off Bolton Road, a 5-minute walk from the
Rosebank Gautrain station.

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“I grew up with a huge teeth complex. My Mom never couldn’t afford braces, so I got into the habit of putting hand in front of my mouth. Then I met Sam Thandar. I remember sitting in his chair and being able to imagine having teeth fixed. Once finished, I just staring for hours! Dr Thandar is an incredible human being and a phenomenal dentist. Thank you for being there for me!”


“At 14, I lost one of my front teeth, causing my teeth to go askew. The care, precision and the way in which the problem was solved by Thinc Clinic was impressive. My greatest thank you to you Dr Sam Thandar who made an amazing difference in my life. I now have my smile back and a new-gained confidence.”

Claire Gardiner, Mrs Charity 2017

“I could not be happier with my results. I felt at ease from the moment I walked in. Thinc Clinic have state-of-the-art equipment and I love how they can prepare veneers while you wait! I can highly recommend them to anyone.”

Ina van Zyl, Public Figure

“I was fitted with permanent implants and what a surprise! For the first time, my upper and low jaw touched. The white of my teeth were matched to that of my eyes. My face was transformed, giving me so much confidence and joy.”

Patricia Flaum

“They say no pain no gain! But at Thandar that is just not true, with minimum discomfort beautiful teeth can be yours. Now that is something to smile about.”

Candice Abrahams - Mrs World

“There are few things I cannot live without and one is my dentist!Your teeth will be with you for the rest of your life the least one can do is look after them. Thank you Thandar Inc. for looking after my smile and most importantly the health of my teeth. Your practice is high end and has the latest technology; most importantly your service is thorough and pleasant! Thank you for keeping me smiling confidently; you are the best dentist in South Africa!”

Amanda Du-Pont Actress | Television Presenter | Commercial and Fitness Model

“Trusted technology, professional and friendly! I’m so impressed with my teeth whitening and veneers – it was quick with amazing results! I wouldn’t trust my smile with anyone else”

Sarah-Kate Scott – Mrs SA 2015