Cosmetic Dentistry

enhancing, changing or creating your unique smile

Combining oral health and facially guided digital aesthetics together with the very latest in dental technology, we are equipped to design your unique natural-looking smile.

Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

Digital Smile Design

Teeth Whitening


Gummy Smile Correction

Gum Lightening

Dental Facelift

Teeth Whitening

Our in-chair teeth whitening procedures are relatively non-invasive and can be performed within an hour or two – and in a single appointment, with instant results. We also offer convenient home whitening kits which offer amazing results, with limited sensitivity


Veneers provide a symmetrical and natural result, in the shade of white that is ideal for you. Our veneers are custom designed using Digital Smile Design – allowing you to preview your new smile prior to treatment. Veneers can either be performed in a single appointment using CADCAM technology, or completed in two to three appointments using conventional techniques. This will result in an improvement in the overall aesthetics and enamel texture and tone. Thinc Dental veneers are designed using algorithms of natural teeth designs, ensuring the most natural smile using minimally invasive techniques.

Gummy Smile Correction

A gummy smile as a  result of excess gum tissue covering the teeth, causing your teeth to appear short. A laser gum procedure usually takes a matter of minutes — making the gummy smile treatment one of the “fastest” ways to makeover your smile! With our laser technology, we are able to remove excess gum tissue and reshape your gums resulting in a natural and aesthetically pleasing gum contour. Gum correction exposes more of your beautiful tooth enamel, giving you a fuller, whiter smile. Non-invasive dental lasers require little to no local anaesthetic, with minimal bleeding,  reduced recovery time and minimal post-procedure discomfort

Gum Lightening / Depigmentation

Darkening of the gums may be cause by genetics, certain medications, gum disease or may have become discoloured due to past infection. Laser gum lightening targets areas of the gum which are comparatively darker than the surrounding gingival tissue. Our laser treatment give your gums a more consistent colour, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your smile.

Dental Facelift

Would you like to look and feel younger within a single treatment plan? The Thinc Dental Facelift offers you a combination of enamel reconstruction and medical aesthetics such as botox and fillers.

As we age our overall facial symmetry and proportions ultimately alter.

Our Dental Facelift begins with an initial assessment in order to obtain a digital assessment  of your face and dental profile to determine whether we treat worn enamel and ageing teeth with veneers or full crowns, where whitening, botox and fillers are needed. We at  Thinc Dental equipped to design and produce veneers and crowns on site while you wait, you are able to leave the practice looking significantly younger after just one or two appointments.

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