Check Ups & Cleans

From a young age, children can have dental check-ups and polish to ensure clean healthy teeth, building up to full cleans and dental check-ups.

A good relationship with the dentist can lead to a lifelong good oral health for your child. Our paediatric check-ups and treatments are designed to be anything but intimidating – we guarantee that your children will love visiting the dentist!

We take our time with the child to educate them on dental care and treatments, encouraging responsibility, this gets them excited to look after their teeth.

Paediatric Dentistry offerings:

Pain free fillings

If a child does need to have a filling, we have an option free of needles, drills or pain. The Waterlase system is an excellent option for children who have had bad experiences at the dentist before. Advantages of laser dentisry for children include:

  • Less need for injections and the dreaded needle!
  • No conventional drills
  • Conservation of more of the tooth - laser dentistry is very precise, and we only laser drill the affected part of the tooth


If your child needs orthodontic treatment, we offer a range of the latest orthodontic techniquess as well as a consulting specialist orthodontist.


Our team of specialist anaesthetists are available for children who may need sedation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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