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With over seven years of experience, we take pride in providing both general and advanced dentistry services to our valued clients. We are located in the heart of Rosebank, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa  and have a team of highly specialized and skilled professionals who are passionate about creating beautiful smiles and delivering life-changing experiences.

At the Thinc Clinic, we believe that a smile is one of the most precious assets one can possess, and we are committed to enhancing and maintaining your oral health to help you achieve the perfect smile you deserve!

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We strive to advance our industry – for the betterment of our practitioners, our patients and our people.

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Digital Smile Design

Our association with the Digital Dentistry Society global network allows our practice to be connected with the best dental practitioners in the world!

Digital Smile Design is a unique approach to dental treatment. Together with The Thinc Clinic, you can become the co-author of your new smile. This facially driven process is used to plan your treatment using scans, x-rays, and images of your face we can communicate your treatment options and ideal plan. DSD allows us to quality control each step of the treatment as we are always working with a detailed digital plan

This approach will allow you to feel and see your improved smile before we start the treatment process.

Tap and drag to interact with the 3D model

Our treatment journeys

Frequently asked questions

You may book via various platforms: 

Comprehensive consultation:

Your first cosmetic dentistry consultation includes a comprehensive digital assessment including 3D X-ray / CBCT scan, intra-oral scan, photographs and video. 

General Consultation:

A consultation with X-rays and a panoramic scan

Front 6 Ceramic Crowns

 Full upper OR Full Lower Smile Makeover

 Full Upper AND lower

Explore more treatment options.

We recommend a check up with our team every 6 months.

We also recommend a clean between 3 – 4 times a year to maintain a healthy body and smile.

A deluxe clean includes a scale, polish, fluoride treatment, gum evaluation.This also includes advise on oral and systemic health. 

Experiencing dental anxiety or fear is not uncommon, and it’s essential to address it to ensure a positive dental experience. Here are some strategies that can help alleviate dental anxiety during your first visit:

  1. Communicate your fears and concerns with the Thinc Clinic team and Assigned doctor.
  2. Bring a trusted companion for emotional support.
  3. Seek distractions like music or TV during the appointment.
  4. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing.
  5. Inquire about sedation options that may be available.
  6. Start with a simple appointment to ease into the dental experience.

Our team of specialist anaesthetists  are available for patients who require sedation- All case dependent.

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