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Active Aligners are clear aligners that have been developed specifically for aligning your teeth in a predictable, smooth, clear and comfortable manner.

  • No metal brackets, wires or screws
  • Thermoplastic material
  • Invisible

This is achieved through wearing a series of Active Aligners, each for 22 hours a day, 1 to 2 weeks at a time (one stage), which move the teeth per stage until their optimal alignment has been reached.

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Why choose the thinc clinic?

Active aligners:

  • Are invisible
  • Improve Oral Hygiene
  • Have no Dietary Restrictions
  • Are made from premium material
  • Are comfortable
  • Facially driven
  • Uses a Digital Smile Design treatment plan therefore is facially driven

Frequently asked questions

You may book via various platforms: 

Clear, removable trays that straighten teeth naturally.

The transparent aligners apply gentle forces to shift teeth gradually.

Yes, for most cases except complex ones. (this will be advised in a formal consultation)

Yes, custom-made for a snug fit.

Several months  (case Dependent)

20-22 hours a day, removing for eating and oral hygiene.

Gently brush with lukewarm water, no toothpaste.

Initially, but most adjust quickly within a few days.

How can we help you?

Other services

Digital smile design

Our association with the Digital Dentistry Society global network allows our practice to be connected with the best dental practitioners in the world!

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We then incorporate aligner therapy to position your teeth in the correct position based on your face.


Combining oral health and facially guided digital aesthetics together with the very latest in dental technology, we are equipped to design your unique natural-looking smile.


Digitally planned and designed our implants are manufactured while you wait. Our permanent, natural looking digitally designed dental implants are an excellent alternative to dentures.

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At The Thinc Clinic, we are South Africa’s leading clinic specializing in both general and advanced dental treatments.


One of the greatest advancements in dental technology – laser dentistry offers gum lightening, precise gum contouring and reduced recovery time.

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Our paediatric check-ups and treatments are designed to be anything but intimidating – your children will enjoy visiting us.


Teeth whitening is a quick and effective way to get shades lighter, enhancing your smile, making you look and feel younger.

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