Dr Cristina Da Naia

Cristina started off as a patient of The Thinc Clinic at the age of 5!! Ever since, she has held a passion for dentistry and a desire to make a difference in people’s lives. After recently completing her Dentistry degree in Spain, she returned to South Africa to work closely with the professional team at The Thinc Clinic for a year, to broaden her experience and knowledge. She approaches each and every patient in a holistic manner, developing a relationship with them and paying special attention to their wants and desires, without losing the fundamental basics of ethics and well-being. For her, each case is a journey of trust, interconnections, and accomplishment. Cristina is very thorough in what she does, has a calming nature and most importantly wants people to leave feeling relaxed and self-confident! Dr Cristina is also available for all patients who have medical aid plans! Enquire plans with our team today!
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