Dr Mary Dawjee

B.D.S (UL) Pg Dip Dent Aesthetic Dentistry (UP) (Cum Laude), MSc Dent Ortho (UP)(Cum Laude), FLL (Genoa Italy) PDBA (WBS), DSD Master.
“What makes a confident smile? For me it’s a smile that is designed to each individuals’ face. Its magic lies in a treatment plan that has strong foundations in health, in function and in biology.  I love that each case is creatively and intellectually stimulating.” Dr Dawjee’s focus in digital smile design and collaborative treatment planning allows her to put all these principles into practice.  Her understanding of the psychological factors of beauty and the anxieties that patients can experience about dental treatment have facilitated an approach that encompasses a detailed consultation, digital planning and structured execution of all treatments. Through years of study and continued education in smile design, digital dentistry and the face, Dr Dawjee aims to change the dental experience of her patients, from one of fear and anxiety, to one that is holistic, detailed, collaborative and exciting.  All underpinned by her philosophy of creating natural, confident and beautiful smiles.  Areas of expertise Digital smile design and aesthetic treatments Multidiscplinary  comprehensive treatment planning and execution Digital dentistry Clear aligners and orthodontics
LIFESTYLE PIC OF MARY DAWJEE-Thinc-Clinic-Johannesburg
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