Dr Thys Pienaar

B.Ch.D (Pretoria) Post Graduate Diploma (Aestetic Dentistry) (Stellenbosch) D.Odont (Oral Pathology) (Pretoria) Mastership (Lasers in Dentistry) (AALZ) RWTH Aachen University, Germany Mastership Level 3 (WCLI) M.Sc (Cum Laude) with Excellence (Lasers in Dentistry) (AALZ) RWTH Aachen University, Germany WCLI ISLD ALD
Since an early age, Dr. Thys has always been fascinated and inspired by science fiction and the way it envisions the potential for what can be made possible through computer programming and the development of new technologies. With a passion for art, classical music, and a profound love of opera, Dr. Thys combines his own creativity and talents with his deep interest in the application of technology to modern dentistry. With this approach, he strives for perfection and harmony in his work. It has been a long-held dream, and passion of Dr. Thys to utilize Laser Dentistry and its application of light to heal. This is a dream that has happily come true. The development of Digital Dentistry changed the practice of traditional dentistry forever, and Laser Dentistry complements this new approach perfectly. Laser Dentistry is constantly evolving, and Dr. Thys finds great satisfaction in continuing to learn and develop new skills, as well as find new and innovative ideas to improve the practice of dentistry and achieve the highest standards possible. There is never a dull moment in his surgery and with a pleasant and talkative atmosphere, Dr. Thys tries to make a visit to the dentist as calm and as pleasant an experience as possible. He will always strive for perfection in line with what the patient wants, as well as what nature allows to be natural and pleasing. His favourite quote is from the physicist Prof. Brian Cox: “You dig deeper and it gets more complicated, and you get confused, and it’s tricky and it’s hard but… It’s beautiful!” As well as a love for science-fiction, the arts, and academics, Dr. Thys also participated in competitive swimming as a child and still enjoys water sports. He is a keen nature lover with an interest in Cycads endemic to Africa and is involved in helping to preserve the Earth and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.
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