Healthy is the New Pretty

While the saying goes “Your eyes are the windows to your soul”, your teeth paint quite a picture about your general health. Let’s face it, eating kale chips and avocado toast are no longer a running joke, people are searching high and low for healthy alternatives. This increased interest in being healthy is only going to sky rocket in 2023. So yes, healthy is the new pretty!


As the new year unfolds, I’m sure you’ve created your own resolutions and thought about ways to improve yourself this year, and perhaps you’ve even created vision boards. If you have, good for you!


Interestingly though, according to Forbes, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions!

Take the challenge to embrace these small steps to keep your new year’s resolutions to make pretty an inside job.

6 Ways to a Healthier you:

 Avoid processed food

 Most items you pick up from supermarket shelves these days are packed with preservatives, colourants and chemical processes as long as your arm. Processed foods also tend to be high in sodium, fat and sugar – all of which in excess can be harmful to your health. When planning your meals and snacks this year, opt for whole fruit, vegetables, lean meat and healthy oils from nuts, nut butters, olive oil, coconut oil and avocados. As they say – what you eat in private, shows in public! Put your best self forward by developing health from the inside out.

Love your Smile

Healthy teeth not only look amazing, strong dental enamel acts as a protective barrier, letting you enjoy the hot and cold food and drinks without sensitivity.  Bacterial plaque builds up on your teeth, causing inflamed, bleeding gums (known as gingivitis). If this is allowed to continue, gum tissue then starts pulling away from the teeth, allowing bacteria to destroy underlying bone supporting the teeth, leading to periodontal disease.


To date, scientists have found links between periodontal disease and a number of other problems including heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. So if you love your health, love your smile too, and go for dental check-ups and cleans at least twice a year.


You might also consider veneers –  ultra-thin ceramic sheaths which fit over your teeth, protecting your dental structure and original tooth enamel, giving you a pretty, white smile while you’re at it!

Make time for movement you love

Not only is exercise good for your body, it’s great for your mind! When it comes to exercise, be sure to find movement that you love doing regularly, otherwise if you hate doing it, you’ll find excuses not to go.  Working out should never be a drag. Make it fun and make it regular.

 Hydrate baby!

 Most of us are guilty of not drinking enough water! Just like a car, your body needs a certain amount of water to function optimally. When you’re dehydrated, you can feel sluggish as all your bodily functions slow down and become less optimal. Water keeps everything in our system flowing – it flushes toxins out of the body, keeps us hydrated and keeps our energy levels up. Drink up buttercup!

 Slow Down on Sugar

When you eat sugar (and how heavenly it is at the time!), it causes your blood sugar to rapidly spike. While this gives you a quick energy boost, once the sugar goes into the bloodstream, your body is triggered to produce insulin, which in turn lowers your blood sugar level and makes you feel low on energy. The key to satisfying your sweet tooth, is as mother always says, “All in moderation my dear!”

 Get Good Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult needs (but doesn’t get) roughly 7 hours to 9 hours of sleep per night.


A good night’s sleep is a great energy ally. Adequate sleep helps your brain reinforce what you learned the previous day, assisting with better memory and making you feel more mentally alert. The University of Rochester Medical Center reports that even getting an hour less of a sleep a day can cause slower mental functioning the following day, as  your reactions will be delayed, having a negative impact on your memory. So put that gorgeous head to rest!



About Dr Dawjee

Dr Maryam Mohamed Dawjee B.D.S, Dip Dent: Aesthetics (Cum Laude) – Dr Maryam Dawjee is an aesthetic dentist and DSD Master practicing at the cosmetic and dental clinic, Thandar Inc. After qualifying with a B.D.S Degree in 2008, Dr Dawjee obtained a Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry at the University of Pretoria, where she later completed a Masters degree (Cum Laude) in Orthodontics. She then followed this up with a Diploma course in Laser Dentistry with the University of Genoa in early 2015. Dr Dawjee is inspired by change she observes in patients who have undergone aesthetic dental treatment, and prides herself on the development of a nurturing and holistic relationship with each patient.

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